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Looking for a new Dentist in Northumberland?

Joanne Duggan, Principal Dentist at Bedlingtonshire Dental Practice introduces us to her practice and provides her top tips for healthy teeth and gums.

I bet some of you have driven past a hundred times and haven’t noticed us! Even as a local, I didn’t know this dentist existed until I took over a few years ago. Bedlingtonshire Dental Practice is located on Bedlington Front Street East on the opposite side to La Torre Restaurant and the Black Bull Pub. You will recognise us as the building with the tooth fairy sign hanging outside and the post box with the blue heritage sign.

The exterior of the dental practice

Let me tell you a little about Bedlingtonshire Dental Practice;  established since 1985,  we offer affordable, high quality private dentistry in a friendly, relaxed, comfortable, and safe environment. Our whole team are professional and passionate about dentistry. We endeavour to provide exceptional patient care to meet all your personal requirements and  aim to provide the best for you. We strive to achieve high standards in every aspect of our dental service and this has been recognised in June this year following a practice inspection; I am delighted to inform you we have been accredited with the British Dental Association good practice award. I’m so proud of all the staff in achieving this and don’t worry, we will continue to strive to improve further! 

We have an exceptionally good skill mix with different  specific interests. We can therefore offer a wide range of treatments to all ages. These include; restorative, cosmetic, smile design, prevention, facial aesthetics and sedation for anxious adults and children, Invisalign, Quick Straight Teeth, children’s dentistry, bleaching, implants. Mr Robert Banks, a consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon, works for us to place dental implants and perform minor oral surgical procedures such as taking out problematic wisdom teeth, (with sedation too for any nervous patients!) Needless to say he is highly experienced and qualified for this role. Also, if any of you have problems with your dentures, Alan Forrest, our Clinical Dental Technician, specialises in making bespoke dentures. Zoë Darling, our Dental Therapist/Hygienist  supports our patients in prevention, hygiene and restorative treatment and  is excellent in motivating patients to achieve and maintain a high standard of oral hygiene. We have very experienced and empathetic dental nurses who will help and support you through every stage of your experience with us. There is also an easy access entrance and ground floor services. 

So, why should you go to the dentist? I know visiting the dentist may not be a priority for some of you, however,  it is not only vitally important for dental health, but also your general health. For example, did you know a dentist will routinely screen for oral cancer?  

So, if you have been putting off visiting the dentist because you are scared, or are unhappy with your smile, or simply want some advice or a routine check-up, then either call on 01670 828402, or email us at, and one of our experienced and friendly team members can book you an appointment with one of our dental professionals to discuss your specific requirements.

Here are our top tips to achieve healthy teeth and gums: 

    • Brush your teeth 2 times a day, for 2 minutes every time. Before you go to bed is the most important time to brush your teeth.
    • You should use toothpaste with a higher concentration of fluoride to give your teeth maximum protection against decay.
    • For adults and children older than 3 years, a pea sized amount of toothpaste containing 1350 to 1500ppm fluoride should be used. Check the ingredients on your toothpaste to find out the fluoride content of your toothpaste.
    • For children less than 3 years old, a smear of toothpaste with 1000ppm fluoride should be used.
    • After brushing your teeth you should spit the toothpaste out only. If you rinse after brushing you are washing the toothpaste out of your mouth. Brush. Spit. That’s it! Parents or carer should brush/supervise brushing.
    • Don’t use mouthwash instead of brushing. Mouthwash is not a substitute for brushing as it will never clean your teeth as well.
    • We recommend using floss, or inter-dental brushes  because a toothbrush is too big to clean between your teeth properly;  your dental professional will advise which is the best product for you. Tooth brushes do not reach between your teeth; that‘s approximately 40% of the surfaces getting missed if you don’t use anything to clean in between them.

Bedlingtonshire Dental Practice, 30 Front Street East, Bedlington, NE22 5AA