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Discover Newcastle’s Best Kept Beauty Secret

Jo Curle, Facial Enhance Affiliate at the Heaton Acupuncture Clinic shares her secret to beating the signs of ageing.

It is often said that make up is just make up and how we feel is what matters.  There is a lot of pressure for us to look good and in order to keep us as consumers, we receive mixed messages from the media – we’re expected to be ‘naturally beautiful’, yet at the same time, we need a plethora of products to appear this way. Reality TV and celebrity culture propose that beauty is an obviously made-up face with ‘work done’ to fix imperfections, while advertisers, in selling us skincare and make up products, suggest that ‘beauty’ is a naturally radiant model whose clear eyes and glowing, rested complexion look like she’s born with it, not covered in it.

Does beauty really come from within? The Traditional Chinese Medicine idea of beauty is that of a combination of wellness, lifestyle, nutrition, emotional balance and beauty treatments. The Chinese have a common expression describing the ageing process:

“…Up to the age of 30 you have your mothers face, in your 30’s you have the face that you make, and from 50 onwards, you have the face that you deserve.”

So, if the ideal is to look like beauty truly comes from within, why not focus our efforts on actually achieving that, rather than faking it? 

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture aims to do just this. Rather than an obvious, surgical effect, it is an actual subtle change from within that suggests good health: the sparking eyes, clear skin and lifted, glowing complexion we all want. Rather than: “You look different, what have you had done?”, the comments become: “You look really well… what’s changed?!” 

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture, priced at less than some facials, focuses on reducing fine lines and wrinkles, subtly lifting the muscle tone and improving facial circulation and therefore the complexion.

Curiously, unlike the latest on-trend moisturiser everyone is talking about, at Facial Enhance Newcastle I’ve discovered that while my patients are always happy with their results, they rarely tell anyone what they’re doing – they keep it as their little secret and I’m guilty of this too. Why? Perhaps we just don’t want everyone to know so we can have that little edge on our peers? Or perhaps we just want to enjoy the compliments coming from having beauty that is genuinely all our own? Either way, it’s a great feeling.

Jo Curle is the Official Facial Enhance Affiliate for Newcastle. For more information on Facial Enhancement Acupuncture visit or call 07837 680132 or Heaton Acupuncture Clinic on 0191 2871042.