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Help your Child Build Confidence & Succeed with Razzamataz Theatre School

The last few years have been challenging, but there’s no better time than now to help your child build back confidence and learn new life skills. 

Razzamataz Newcastle is part of a national network of schools; teaching excellence in performing arts training and helping children and young people thrive in whatever they want to do in life. The Newcastle school is run by a dedicated Principal and team who ensure that every child is supported to feel more confident.

The sessions at Razzamataz consist of singing, dance and drama with lots of opportunities to perform. Although the focus is on having fun, the children and young people learn valuable life skills without noticing it. 

“There’s such a supportive atmosphere at Razzamataz that I grew in confidence without really being aware of it,” says marine biology student Hollie Tweedie, who attended Razzamataz for more than ten years. “Teachers would support you until you felt confident enough to achieve something on your own and that gave me the courage to push myself outside my comfort zone.” 

Razzamataz Theatre Schools have more than 21 years experience and are exceptionally proud of the inclusive environment within all of the schools. Parents and families initially think they send their children to us to learn performing arts skills, but they soon realise we teach them so much more.

Communication skills: Participation in performing arts helps develop the confidence that is essential for speaking clearly and without fear. Reading aloud in school, presentations at college and even job interviews can be made easier through theatre skills. 

Problem solving: Creative thinkers are in high demand, and this is an area that performing arts students are uniquely skilled at. At Razzamataz, we encourage students to think on their feet, identify problems and figure out a way to come up with a solution. 

Pride in the performance: We encourage students to do their best in every part of their practice. Whether it is learning a new dance, writing their own songs or performing on stage, we know that it is important that students learn to care about producing their best work. 

Motivation and commitment: When the going gets tough, Razzamataz students get going. Being a member of Razzamataz requires commitment and motivation and these are invaluable life skills that can be applied to every part of life. We don’t care about being the best, we just care about you doing your best. 

Teamwork and collaboration: Children and young people will be taught the importance of working as part of a team. Being in a show demands that every member of the school works well together, from the youngest to the oldest student. Our students support one another and the success of the performance demands that every member respects each other. 

Become a self-starter: At Razzamataz, we encourage our students to use their initiative and become self-starters. The complexities of putting on a show means that young people quickly become aware of the jobs that need doing including helping each other practice the choreography or suggesting ideas for staging. Being able to offer up ideas without being told are skills that many employers will be looking for. 

Be a multi-tasker: Razzamataz students amaze us with their ability to learn lines, master choreography and absorb lots of new material. Theatre helps children grasp complex matter in a short time period, a skill that is highly valued. Changeable roles can only be achieved if children really learn to listen, making them adaptable. 

Resilience: We help children manage any disappointment and build their resilience. Performing arts teaches children to bounce back and try again. Whether it’s not getting an audition or not mastering a piece of work in class, children learn to channel that frustration into positive action. 

These are just a small sample of the life skills that children will learn at Razzamataz, all of which will build their confidence and self-belief. Many former students have gone on to work professionally in the arts and many others cite Razzamataz for giving them the confidence to go for their dreams. We help all students develop a can-do attitude. 

Razzamataz Newcastle is holding Taster Sessions for new students where you can find out more about the performance opportunities, special events, scholarships and so much more. Booking is essential. Contact them on 07306 546 792 or

Classes are held every Saturday at Newcastle College Performance Academy, Rye Hill Campus, NE4 7SA.

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