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New Garden Tool Which Cleverly Cleans Artificial Grass

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Online homeware and garden retailer VonHaus has launched a brand-new, innovative garden power tool that helps to keep artificial grass clean and free of debris. The move from real grass to artificial grass can be a big decision for many homeowners, but most aren’t aware of the maintenance that comes with keeping their synthetic lawns clean. VonHaus identified a gap in the market for a high spec model and have designed this clever garden maintenance gadget that has eight key features to help keep artificial grass looking pristine. 

The artificial grass brush can also be used to create a beautiful striped pattern for a clean look to your lawn, if a football pitch design is favoured. If a multi-purpose tool is preferred, this brush can also be used on a variety of different surfaces, including paving stones, decking and driveways. 

The 1800W Artificial Grass Brush features:

  • • 2 Stage Safety Trigger
  • • 12M Power Cable
  • • 45 Litre Collection Bag
  • • Handle Bar Angle Adjustment Wheel
  • • Soft-Grip Foam Handle
  • • Collapsible Handle Bars
  • • Carry Handle
  • • Height Adjustment Lever

Kieren Crampton, DIY Buyer at VonHaus said: “Our new Artificial Grass Brush is the most anticipated new product of the year under our VonHaus brand. After seeing the huge increase in demand and sales of artificial grass over the last year, we wanted to make sure we had the right product at the right price to help our customers maintain their artificial lawn.

With artificial grass still a new and growing trend for the UK market, the same is to be said of products available to maintain it. Our Artificial Grass Brush is still a reasonably new type of technology and we’re excited to see how it is received.”

The tool can be purchased at for £169.99 with free UK mainland delivery.