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The Joy of Singing

Looking for a new hobby? Can you sing in tune, and are willing to learn? Read on…

Tyneside A Cappella is a choir of women who enjoy singing popular songs in four part close harmony in the a cappella style (without accompaniment – just voices).  The aim is to sing to the best of our ability and have a great deal of fun along the way.  Musical Director Peter Jones is a very experienced director and vocal coach, who gets the best out of the choir with a mixture of hard work and fun which has resulted in a wonderful sound and high standard of singing from the 47 members.

The choir is a mix of singers with some previous experience and those who have never sung before, and who come from a wide background and age group – teachers, students, housewives, health service, local government,  retail, business, hospitality, retired – who are brought together as friends to enjoy singing and also several social events organised through the year outside of rehearsals.  The health benefits of singing are well publicised, and members of the chorus will confirm the “feelgood factor” of singing with like minded people and the buzz when it all comes together.  Many of the girls say how much better they feel at the end of the rehearsal, even when its been a tough day or life isn’t at its best, the joy of singing, the support of good friends and the magical experience of a group of people coming together and performing as one lifts the spirits.  There is a song for everyone –  Queen, Nat King Cole, Michael Buble; some Irving Berlin and some Beatles.  

Members pay £10 per month, and for that they receive music, teaching aids (teach track CDs/MP3s), performance outfits, excellent rehearsal facilities and support to learn how to sing to the best of their ability.  None of the musical leadership receives any payment for their services – the choir is a team dedicated to musical enjoyment for all.  New members are encouraged to learn at their own speed and become part of the performance ensemble when they and the Musical Director feel they are ready.  There are no formal auditions, singers  need to be able to sing in tune, hold their line, and be willing to learn.  

The choir performs regularly throughout the year at a variety of venues  including Newcastle Civic Centre, Seaton Delaval Hall, various local churches, Beamish Museum, The King’s Hall at Newcastle University.

Rehearsals are weekly. Visit for more information.