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Home is where the heart is…

David Haswell, Managing Director of Bluebird Care in Newcastle, took the time to talk to Select Magazine to explain why many of their satisfied customers choose care in their own homes rather than a permanent move to residential care.

It’s an unshakeable tenet of society both old and new that nothing is lodged deeper in the human heart than the sanctuary you find behind your own front door. It’s indisputable, unmistakeable, and it’s supposed to be untouchable.  And yet for many, as health concerns begin to mount, that place of safety can begin to feel like it might very well begin to slip away.

With many people facing one or more long term health conditions, the prospect of a move to residential care can cause untold worry and emotional distress. Luckily, as part of a much needed and overdue social care revolution, a solution may just be to hand, one that is tailored to individual care, right in the heart of your home.

Many in the UK are, however, either unaware or overwhelmed by the huge range of options available to those in need of specialist care, for younger and older people, their children and their families. It can often feel like you’re making your way through a minefield, and issues are not limited to older people. They can include dementia, Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis amongst others. 

Luckily for those in need of help, bespoke care options have become much more widely available, with many Home Care companies offering specialist services at affordable rates, which allow their customers to stay in control and in the homes and communities they value and depend upon.

The United Kingdom Homecare Association (UKHCA) is the national professional body who promote the highest standards of care offered by homecare providers and can offer to help find agencies and organisations that can meet specialist care needs at home.

One locally based care company, who are full members of UKHCA, Bluebird Care in Newcastle, took the time to talk to Select Magazine in an effort to raise awareness of the many options available and to explain why many of their satisfied customers choose care in their own homes rather than a permanent move to residential care. 

David Haswell of Bluebird Care said, ‘From the first day we opened our business, our customers have been at the heart of everything we do.’ He went on, ‘we have revolutionised the way that high quality, bespoke care is delivered in Newcastle, not only to those with specialist needs, but also to their families. Bluebird Care aims to deliver a specialist, individual care service that we would be happy for our family and our loved ones to receive.’ 

Indeed, to reinforce the point, Age UK stated in its ‘Briefing on the Health and Care of Older People (2017)’ that only 15% of people of their 80s and 6.5% of people in their 90s are not living with a long-term health condition. Age UK continues, that most people aged 60-84 are living with more than one long term health condition. 

Despite these figures, Age UK goes on to state that spending on older people’s social care fell ‘steeply to £7.75 billion pounds in 2013.’  Whilst spending on older peoples’ care has seen a small increase since then, the contentious issue was thrown into sharp focus during the 2017 General Election, when social care reform shot straight to the top of political agenda.

Bluebird Care, Newcastle, is passionate about offering a homecare service which will significantly improve the lives of those in need of care at home. By providing a tailored, individual care service, Bluebird Care allows the customer to remain in control.  This can include being surrounded by the things that matter most to them like personal belongings and family pets, but without sacrificing the care they need.  In addition, as far as possible, Bluebird will keep staff changes to a minimum to maintain familiarity. In the light of a much-needed social care revolution, Bluebird will also ensure that every part of the service they deliver is driven by the customer. 

Finally, an unmistakeable benefit of a reliable, friendly and efficient homecare service, is the alleviation one of the most troubling aspects of our modern society – that of loneliness.  Older people can often go weeks or even months without seeing anyone, and with their much needed ‘Loneliness Campaign’, Bluebird is determined to combat the debilitating effects of isolation by continuing to improve its service to all customers.

To arrange a visit to the Bluebird Care office, or an appointment in the comfort of your own home to discuss your needs, call 0191 3410190 or email